Snake Charming

I am fascinated by the effect emotions can have on one's body. My latest living-in-the-moment exploits, not unexpectedly left me with an ache in my left shoulder, neck, jaw and ear. That it is my left side, is no accident, as that is where my heart is. I am very familiar with this ache, as it was so profound after Arron died that I couldn't raise my arm high enough to open a door. A Craniosacral therapist named Maureen gave me a diagnoses to this syndrome: broken heart. Since then I have endured this ache on all sorts of occasions, mostly involving emotional upheaval of some kind, strife with my family or my kids being the usual culprit. Every time it catches me by surprise, that emotion is not just in the mind. Happily, today I had my monthly appointment with Kay, my Seattle Craniosacral therapist, who wrangled my snake (which is how I think of the long rope of offending muscle) almost into submission. She zeroed in on it with a surgeon's precision, and I could feel waves of what I can only describe as energy giving me shivers as she worked. I reveled in the power of touch to heal. I got up slightly dizzy, but infinitely lighter, snake subdued.