Barrel O Laughs

A few updates: 1. I have not killed the dog. She lumbers along and I follow picking up either her or her poop. 2. Still trying to figure out the new washer/dryer. I keep putting the duvet into the dryer, but can't seem to make it go for more than 54 minutes, so the thing won't get dry. Perhaps I should read the instructions 3. We seem to be lice free. I still do nit checks, but haven't found any for a while. Bedding is almost all clean (it has been almost two weeks!). See #2. 4. I am still slogging away with my grandfather's book. I am really struggling to figure out what the story is about, but I am determined to make it through. If anyone is up on their WWII RAF terms, drop me a line... 5. My friend Daniel wrote about my Cabin in his blog. Its a really beautiful post because he is a really beautiful writer (we took a memoir class together). I have just gotten a book to read up about renting it, cause I seem to be hemorrhaging cash at the moment, so if you are interested, let me know. 6. Still no word on my audiobook being up on Audible.com, but I will keep you posted. 7. Got told today by my financial advisor to sell everything. Trying not to panic and remain cool. All in all, still doing the single mother juggling-with-fire routine. On a tight rope. Blind. Barrel 'o Laughs.