A Father's Legacy

Father's Day has always been another of those loaded days for us. I remember the first one after Arron died hanging out on a NJ beach with a dozen other 9/11 widows watching our children build sandcastles, dying for a G&T even though it was only 10:30. Somehow we have muddled through the rest unmemorably. This year was the first year where it occurred to me that I was OK that Father's Day was around the corner. I've made no special plans. I am not bracing for anything. Carter has been invited to his friend's house. A friend with two dads. The irony is not lost on me or them I am sure. Yesterday we were at Barnes and Noble and Carter found one of those singing cards and bought it for the dads. In it he wrote: "Happy Father's Day Guys. Even though I am not your son you kind of feel like my dads. Oh and thanks for everything. From Carter." I remembered that Arron, whose own father died when he was 17, also adopted dads on a regular basis. He made many great friends this way, and in turn was a great friend and great father as I am certain his son will be.