Fairy Dust

I have been lamenting the lack of magic in my life lately, something that is somewhat hard to define. I think for me, it can be any of the following: 1. Reading a book, that perfectly describes how you're feeling or gives you an answer to a question you have been asking yourself 2. Meeting someone through complete happenstance that is meaningful in some way, again because of what you learn from them, or who they in turn connect you to. 3. Getting some sort of sign (butterfly sighting, music on radio, smell) that reminds you of something you had long forgotten. 4. Meditating and coming out of it with a clear idea, or thought or answer. 5. Waking up early in the morning knowing what you are going to write or create or do that day. On Saturday night, #2 happened for me. I got an email through Match.com from a gentleman from California who was visiting Seattle for the weekend. He asked if I wanted to join him for dinner. I had no plans, and so on a whim I did. It didn't feel like a romantic meeting as much as he seemed to just be a guy hoping to meet someone interesting to talk to. That was about my speed as well. We met, and at first I was dismayed. He seemed a little slick, an aging surfer type, with a dark tan and very white teeth. But as we chatted I relaxed. I even told him how Arron had died, something that is the death-knell of a first date. We talked about psychics and he told me about a friend of his who I should connect with. Someone he described as an "intuitive." We even talked about the fact that perhaps that was the purpose of our meeting, so he could "introduce" me to her. She turns out to be incredibly interesting, and I am looking forward to trading books with her, at the very least. The surfer and I had a gorgeous dinner at a wonderful restaurant and I drove him back to his hotel. I don't know yet what will become of my now scheduled phone call with her, but I am ever so grateful for the tiny amount of fairy dust.