I'm feeling very lame today. I missed my own interview. Leaving Vashon last night and enduring tons of ferry traffic seemed silly. But I realized this morning that I didn't have a number to call in to the show and had only my cell phone, so couldn't check email. I hope Honoree and Morgan forgive me and will agree to reschedule.

I suppose having 8 adults, 4 teens, 3 kids and 2 toddlers for dinner both Sat night and Sun night might have been a little overwhelming. Perhaps I wore myself out a little. But it was nice to have lots of people around to distract me. Somehow Labour Day and the 11th are very close this year. I needed distracting. But I think I have distracted myself away from the rest of my life.

I have remembered that school starts tomorrow. Of course the kids wouldn't let me forget that. Carter is all packed up with his lunch made and in the fridge, his bus number written artistically in sharpie on his hand. Olivia has a new backpack, pens, binder. She has memorized the map of the school so she won't get lost. I kind of wish I could go to school too. Have a routine, friends, homework. OK, maybe not homework.

So I can't think of what to do on the 11th. As usual, I just want it to be a normal day. But it will never be that. It would be cool to volunteer somewhere in the spirit of the new designation as a "National Day of Service and Remembrance." That name makes me think of poppies (Veterans Day in Canada is called Remembrance Day and plastic red poppies are given out to be pinned to coats). It seems odd to need to find a place to volunteer. There should be a directory or something. I do volunteer quite a bit of time to The Healing Center, though nothing is scheduled specifically for the 11th. Its a lot of pressure to find a volunteer job on such short notice.

The good news is that an 8th anniversary does not appear to be of interest to the media. Its been very quiet on that front. Nevertheless, TV won't be high on my list for that day. I have been invited out for dinner though. It will be a good distraction.